My Story

HI. My name is Lou Soileau (pronounced "swallow"). I currently live and work in the town of Rayne, near Lafayette, Louisiana.

My music career started with the piano back in the 50s. I left the piano behind when Dad bought me a handmade Mexican guitar for $13 in Tiajuana. Mr Kamahaiku, a club musician in Bakersfield, California taught me the basics and a young rock'n'roller helped me get up to speed.It did not take long for me to transition from early '60s Folk to instrumentals like Baja, Wipe Out, and Walk Don't Run until the British Invasion began.

In high school, a couple of years later and a bit further north in Marin County, the St Louis Jesuits were the scene and a friend of mine and I began doing the music for school retreats and liturgical celebrations. Billy, Robert, Danny, Robert and I spent as much time playing together as we could - at least until we all went off to college.

I got down to composing for church services in the mid-'70s in Midland, Texas but I did not really get really serious until I met Kay Gates, a Lay Evangelist. Kay encouraged me to record my first CD, "Working in His Vineyards", so she could use it on her mission trip to the Philippines. I attended my ACTS Retreat in Houston in 2007 and began composing for men's and women's retreats after that.

My songs are generally upbeat - to engage you. My lyrics are rooted in the Scriptures and convicting - to set the mood and to help you think about your relationship with the Lord. Once you're singing, I figure the Holy Spirit will do what He wants to do.

Today I compose by request and I make this offer to you, if you or your group has an upcoming retreat or meeting and would like a custom, original, singable theme song, email me. Let's talk about it. I would be humbled to compose a song for you.

I have found that retreatants like a "take-away" and would gladly compile a recording of your planned songs and the theme song for you. Given enough time, I can have a CD cut and packaged for you to give out at the end of your affair for a very reasonable price.

Please, check out my songs. I have Lead Sheets worked up for all the songs and I can make them available to you on request. Sign up on my mailing list so we can stay in touch!

Please, follow me on Spotify (the green button on the home page) so that my music can be picked up and heard around the world.

And, let me compose something for you!

Blessings! Thank you!