A Mountain Top Experience

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been asked to compose new songs for a men's ACTS Retreat and for our Parish RCIA Retreat. What a blessing! It turns out that the theme of the ACTS Retreat is "Remove the sandals from your feet" from Exodus 3:5 when God spoke to Moses at the Burning Bush. Coincidentally, the RCIA Retreat theme is "Lord, it is good that we should be here" after Luke 9:33 when Peter, James and John ascended the mountain and Jesus was transfigured before them. Two mountain top experiences!
My normal approach is to read the Scriptural reference for the theme and to offer it in prayer to God looking for guidance. I do not fret over a passage, regardless of how difficult to put it to music that it may appear. I have learned over the years that the Holy Spirit will inspire me in His time.
I did and He did!
You can find an mp3 of the songs and a lead sheet for each here.

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