Gettin' the Work Done -Composing, Branding, and Social Media

Wow! 2017 is gonna be a great year!

The Men's ACTS Retreat Directors for the 2017 Retreat at St Justin Martyr parish in Houston have asked me to try my hand at a theme song for their upcoming retreat in the 2nd Quarter!

The RCIA Leaders at St Joseph Catholic Church of Rayne have given me the opportunity to compose a theme song for their upcoming Candidates' and Catechumen's  Retreat March 31 - April 2.

And, after composing a love song for a friend to give to his wife on their anniversary, I have been working on a tune for my dearest of 46 years.

For any of you aspiring or experienced singer/songwriter/musicians, check out Cheryl Engelhardt's MX4 Seminar. I'll tell you, this old horse is learning about branding and promotion as fast as he can. Sort of like drinking out of a fire hydrant. Cheryl supports herself by her music, so she knows what she is talking about!

More tidbits about the music pros in the MX4 semnar over the next few posts - needless to say, they are great!

Just thought I would throw in a shot of me and my Spear NSG - thank you, Claude!

Have a blessed day!


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